• Struggling to engage at school due to behavior or other external factors.
  • On the verge of, or are involved in crime or anti-social behavior, or who need additional support.
  • Potentially NEET.

Our school based programmes are designed to be delivered to groups of between 12-15 young people. Sessions are lively, upbeat and relevant to the needs of the group.

Our programmes help young people develop self-confidence, understand the world around them and discuss the impact of adolescence. Programmes encourage “moving on” from negative behaviours, mind-sets and relationships.

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Young people explore their future goals and aspirations whilst addressing issues that are affecting them and impacting on their ability to engage. Schools can build a bespoke package by selecting relevant topics for delivery;

  • Sex and relationships.
  • Food and fitness.
  • Mental health and well-being.
  • Building a positive self-identity.
  • Friendships and role-models.
  • Working in groups.
  • Listening and communication skills.
  • Assertiveness and dealing with conflict.
  • Developing skills for independent living.

Measuring Success

We measure our success and the success of the young people by;

  • Improvement in educational performance.
  • Positive changes in educational performance.
  • Positive changes in behaviour.
  • Improved attendance, progression and achievement.
  • Improved self-worth and well-being.

A variety of evidence can be gathered to meet the needs of the school including; observation notes, video diaries, action plans and portfolios of young peoples work.

“I don’t get into trouble as much anymore. I made friends with people I didn't think I would ever be friends with.” (Jemma, 13, from Stroud).

To discuss programmes and costs please contact YG.