"The youth workers feel more like friends, it’s great to feel like someone is really listening to you. I love that we can be open and honest in the session and no one will judge you.

“I used to be bullied a lot. I often skived off school and was home schooled for a while. I worried about what everyone thought of me and I felt anxious and even self-harmed. We talked about bullying as part of our sessions and although I was nervous, it really helped hearing people share their feelings and to be able to share mine without being judged. Since working with YG I have learnt to feel good about who I am.

“We covered topics on depression and anxiety and different coping strategies. It really has helped me to move forward. Before, I had one friend and use to hide a lot, but I have really come out of my shell. I still struggle from time to time but now, I know how to talk to people and ask for help. Since starting with YG I haven’t had a day off school in ages, I speak up more in class and I am confident to share my opinions.”