Ben left school 16, unemployed. Now he has his first job. (2018).


Winning awards - two years on Nick tells us how life has changed (2017).

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Ellie spent the last year in hospital being treated for anorexia. (2017)

Josh has been battling schizophrenia and psychosis since 16yrs. (2017)

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Victoria made a new start and is planning for the future (2016). After three years unemployment Nick is back in action (2015). Regina has felt empowered by her experience of mentoring (2015).
Ocean has come out of her shell with the support of YG (2015). Tayler has found better ways to cope with her frustrations (2015). Beth has been making healthy choices since finishing HITZ (2015).
Paul got his confidence back after being made redundant (2015). Sams journey from homeless teenager to trainee teacher (2015). After being kicked out of school James turned his life around (2014).
Growing up in 27 foster homes, Dean found stability with YG (2015). Unemployed after school, James has high hopes for his future (2014). YG gave Andy the confidence to open a youth club (2014).
Giles left university, YG gave him the confidence to try again (2014). Anthony hit rock bottom, YG helped him get back on track (2014). Jazz was pregnant at 17, YG helped her plan for the future (2014)